Tumbalong Park

Company: Property NSW
Sector: Parks & Gardens
Project: Turf resurface / Open Space Management

Once again GHG has renovated another valuable green space in Sydney’s CBD. Located right on the fringe of Darling Harbour, Tumbalong Park is one of the area’s most iconic public spaces.

Nature of works and deliverables:
• Identify services (sprinklers, valve boxes, drainage pits, pathway edges etc)
• Remove existing turf surface (TopMaker)
• Turfcut pathway edges
• Surface levelling using topsoil
• Blade surface to ensure finished turf levels are consistent heights with adjoining pathways
• Fertilise for stimulation of turf root growth
• Supply and lay Kikuyu turf maxi-rolls
• Roll Kikuyu for perfect uniformity of levels.

Download the casestudy