Geoff and his obsession with machinery

Over the last twenty-five years, I’ve watched Geoff obsess over the machinery we use here at GHG. Just last week, he was at our local John Deere dealership looking for a new tractor that’s big enough for the needs of our new drainage division. This was after the one we ordered became obsolete before it even arrived.

For him, his search for high-quality machinery is mainly a hobby. He enjoys learning about the industry’s latest equipment and how it can help with our projects. His constant search for the right equipment has allowed us to build up a portfolio of equipment that’s world-class.

However, Geoff’s hobby doesn’t come without its risks. Undoubtedly, having the best equipment available is a great asset to our team, but these assets come at a cost. In almost every board meeting, you can be sure Geoff will declare that he’s blown out our capital expenditure budget.

It can be a little scary at times, especially when new machinery turns up unannounced! Nevertheless, Geoff’s obsession with our machinery aligns with our focus on high-quality craftsmanship.

Our focus on quality craftsmanship has become our competitive advantage over the years. Along the way, we’ve come to understand that to be genuinely different, you need to be willing to stick to what you value, even when it costs. Without a doubt, I understand the privilege of being able to say that, early on, when we started GHG, we certainly didn’t have the ability to source equipment like we do today.

It’s always great to see the pride the team gets from using industry-leading equipment, and in almost every case, biting the bullet to get the best equipment has paid off.

Financially for sure, getting projects completed more efficiently is always a goal of ours too. But it’s the intangibles, things that you don’t consider, that have been the most surprising to me.

Our senior staff not only get to use this equipment but also teach our younger team members the ins and outs of the machinery. They become teachers and, in the process of teaching, learn themselves.

I guess the point of what I’m saying is that your hobbies in business can be embraced as long as they align with your values and the mission your business is on. So when I see Geoff leaving the office to go and pester one of our equipment suppliers, I know it’s going to be a win for our dedication to quality craftsmanship.

And yes, without a doubt, this can at times challenge and contradict our other mission of staying within our budget, but these trade-offs are a constant situation you need to weigh up in business.

In summary, my question to you is this. Are you embracing what you enjoy in business? If you can align what you enjoy doing with the mission of your business, the momentum you can build is almost unstoppable.

One last thing, we have several exciting projects on the horizon, which means we need new people to join the GHG family. We are currently hiring for these roles…

  • Greenkeeper & Turf Renovation Specialist
  • Project Manager
  • Sports Field Drainage Machine Operator

To learn more about either role, head to our careers page here.

Sally Green