5 Reasons Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Sports Field Renovations in Sydney

Here at GHG, we believe that Summer is the perfect time for sports field renovations in Sydney, as the dry and warm conditions provide ideal working conditions for construction, aeration, and topdressing. Whether you’re maintaining a local park or upgrading an elite-level sporting field, summer is the best season for getting your sports field in top condition. Here are five reasons why.

1 – Drainage installation: 

The warmer weather in summer allows for the ground to dry out and firm, making it the ideal time for drainage installation. The dry soil allows for our heavy construction equipment to access the field without causing damage, and the warmer temperatures accelerate the curing process of new drainage systems. Importantly, the warm summer months accelerate the turf growth to cover the mini trenches made throughout the installation process in a shorter time period.

2 – Aeration: 

The heat allows for the soil to dry out, making it easier for aeration equipment to access the root zone and break up compacted soil. This is important for promoting healthy growth and preventing surface water ponding, which can cause damage to fields. Aeration also helps to improve drainage and reduces the risk of standing water on the field.

3 – Topdressing:

Summer is also a great time for topdressing, as the dryer conditions allow for better workability and the heat promotes better germination and seed growth. This helps to improve the overall playing surface and repair any damage caused during heavy usage. In addition, the heat promotes more vigorous turf growth to grow through the topdressing layer.

4 – Better playing conditions year-round: 

With all these activities, the field will be in better condition for games and practices, providing a safer and more enjoyable playing experience for athletes of all levels. 2022 was a rough one for sports fields across NSW. So many sporting clubs missed sports due to flooding severely damaging sporting fields. Putting in the right preventative measures certainly won’t allow us to control the weather, but it will ensure your sporting field weathers the storm and bounces back in much greater shape. 

5 – Reduced risk of weather interruptions: 

With the hot and dry conditions of summer, there is less chance of rain or other inclement weather interrupting construction or renovation work, allowing projects to be completed in a timely and efficient manner.

In summary, the warmer and drier conditions of summer make it the perfect time for sports field renovations in Sydney. The season allows for better drainage installation, aeration, and topdressing, leading to better field conditions and a safer, more enjoyable playing experience. 

So, if your sports field is in need of renovation, consider reaching out to us below for a free consultation about the sporting field you’re in charge of.